Postcards | Lake City



Each month we get to ride shotgun with Taryn Slawson and Branden Peak when they send us snippets and pictures from their life on the road. They join us again with their series "Postcards From the Road" this time with an unexpected adventure while driving through the Colorado Rockies.

See their first and second Postcard as well as their article in Pure Green Magazine Vol. 8Follow them on instagram as @weshareair.

WE FOUND OURSELVES LEAVING THE SLEEPY TOWN OF LAKE CITY, CO, with plans for an easy drive down to Pagosa Springs. Despite the rain coming down as we left the low valley we didn't expect the blizzard that awaited us. As we started up one of the two steep mountain passes towards Highway 160 the scene very quickly turned white. The weather changed with each pass we drove through; there was even a bit of spotty sunlight near Creede with more rain and snow following us on either end of the Wolf Creek tunnel. In a few more miles we reached the top of the pass. Taking the trucker's lead ahead of us, we decided to pull over and wait out the storm. As the snow intensified we sat and enjoyed the warm confines of our home with little idea of what nasty traffic was on the other side of the pass...