Postcards | White Sands

TEXT by Branden Peak | PHOTOGRAPHS by Branden Peak


Our cover story in Volume 8 features Branden Peak and Taryn Slawson, an exceptionally inspiring couple who have retrofitted a vintage airstream and truck, the airstream powered by solar and the truck by a form of biodiesel called WVO. The couple have cast-off the ties of a permanent address, along with all the responsibilities that go with that, in favour of roving the American countryside in search of new experiences set against stunning natural backdrops. Their story inspired me so much so that I thought it would be amazing to check in with them periodically and find out where the Airstream is parked, and what incredible experiences have continued to impact them. A little vicarious living never hurt anyone! My jaw dropped when I received their first 'postcard'—read on to discover this incredible place. 

To keep up with them on a regular basis, follow their Instagram feed @weshareair. Thanks Branden and Taryn for being a part of the issue and for continuing to share your journey with us! (Read the whole story inside Volume 8!)

ANY PLACE YOU HEAR ABOUT OR SEE A PICTURE OF ALWAYS SETS UP CERTAIN EXPECTATIONS. The White Sands Monument was no exception. As we worked our way through New Mexico it would definitely be a stop on the journey.

The day we visited, as we drove south on HWY 54, off in the distance you could start to see the white sand, pushed up to the base of the mountains. The area is a field of white sand dunes composed of gypsum crystals. It is the largest gypsum dune field in the world and offers a pretty surreal experience once you find yourself in the park. Unlike any other park we have visited the trails are not obvious and you can pretty much wander off in any direction you want. As freeing as this is you can get lost really easily.

We set out just to explore a little bit but came to realize that we were pretty far from where we left the Airstream. White in all directions. There is a certain peace that seems to come over you whenever you are surrounded by nothing but nature. It's something we have come to appreciate like never before.

This particular park doesn't allow for any camping for trailers. So unfortunately we did not get to stay the night. We did find a great picnic spot to park after exploring the endless dunes to have dinner just as the sun began to set. We really wanted to just stay there until we were asked to leave, but we obeyed the rules, pulled up stakes and made our way to a campground just a little south from the park. It was a great day and we will definitely be coming back to this gem."