Postcards | Pagosa Springs

TEXT by Branden Peak | PHOTOGRAPHS by Branden Peak


Taryn Slawson and Branden Peak are back on the PGM blog for a second round of their series Postcards From the Road which features the nomadic couple's roving adventures postcard-style. See their first Postcard From the Road as well as their article in Pure Green Magazine Vol. 8. You can find them on instagram as @weshareair

WE HAD BEEN EAGER TO GET TO PAGOSA SPRINGS BECAUSE OF A HIKE THAT TARYN HAD TAKEN WITH HER FAMILY ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO. The beauty that she spoke of was unshakeable. For Taryn, this time around was even more breathtaking than the first because of our greater connection with nature. The lifestyle we have been living has expanded our ability to accept all the beauty that nature offers. The more time spent in the wilderness the more our ideals about life have completely shifted. No longer does the convenience of urban life entice us. Now its all about the trees, the forest, the meadows and the mountains. Nowhere else do we feel more alive than on the trail breathing with the trees. The connection to ourselves feels strongest in the majesty of the mountains. It is truth we seek and it is in the places like these that the answers are revealed. 

It seems most places we go Taryn needs to do some collecting. This time it was all about the grasses. They have always been there engulfing everything that surrounds us. Almost too simple at times. In life it seems like the simplest things are easy to pass by. This time is was hard to not be in awe of their beauty. As we hiked up into this open meadow overlooking a vast forest with tall mountain peaks looming over us that the grasses spoke out. Listening to the wind draw out the whispers from the top of each and every slender stalk it made EVERYTHING visible. So many variates and so much character in each one. The samples that where collected this day will be the way to remember the beauty that is all around us but too often overlooked.