5 Favourite Things

TEXT by Katherine Oakes | PHOTOGRAPHS by celine mackay


Every so often, our Editor-In-Chief and oh-so fearless leader, Celine MacKay, let's us take a peek into her lifestyle. Whether it be beauty or just a collection of things that are inspiring her at this moment, Celine's round-ups are always full of delightful surprises and ideas worth checking out. 

Here is a collection of five of Celine's favorite things right now:

1. Parfum Botanique NO. 7 by Province Apothecary-  I've never been a fan of floral perfumes, and this is one of my all time faves. 

Sicilian Bergamot / Australian Sandalwood / Bay Laurel 

A vibrant + fresh scent to awaken the senses and enliven the spirit, infusing your day with promise and optimism.

2. Top With Cinnamon - Because every once in a while it's nice to indulge, and this is a great book to do that with. Izy amazes me!

3. Plant Dyed Indigo Table Runner by Silk & Willow I LOVE that it's plant dyed, and the movement and texture of the fabric is unreal. Keep an eye out for these textiles in upcoming photo shoots!

4. Organic Detox Tea by David's TeaMy favourite daily, balancing tea. The taste is totally amazing.

5. Mica Pouch by Hatchet Made- Really great for organizing things in my bag, love that it's handmade locally (to me).

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