Beauty | My 5 Skin-Care Must Haves

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by My list of natural skin-care must haves.


My morning routine is pretty simple. The more educated I became over the years about the toxic junk that's found is so many personal care products, the more my repertoire of products shrank. It's faster, which is nice, but also the added bonus is that by limiting what I use down to a few products, I can spend a few more dollars on true, handmade quality. As a change on the PGM blog we thought it would be fun to share some of my must-have products with you. These are truly tried and tested, I've been using them for months and years. So, from top to bottom, here it is:

1. Skin Essence Fresh Facial Cleanser - This is a really unique facial product from Kingston, Ontario, made entirely from organic plant and flower extracts. It contains no carriers or diluters, including water, so it's really thick and potent. Your face feels incredibly soft after using it, I'm very much addicted, and thanks to the peppermint, lemongrass, coriander and rosemary essential oils it smells incredible. I use this 2x per day.

2. Lavender Argan Lotion by Leaves of Trees - handmade in Toronto, this line of moisturizers use pure argan and essential oils to deliver a luxurious, effective product. They also make a cream deodorant which I like too. This hand lotion comes in a great, lightweight package, and is useful for dry, chapped hands. I use this a couple of times per week.

3. Skin Essence Nourish Moisturizer - Like their facial cleanser, this moisturizing oil is made entirely from organic plant and flower extracts—no carrier oils—so it's extremely potent and pure. The abundant amount of rosehip and neroli are phenomenal for stimulating and restoring skin, and it's high concentration of Vitamin C promotes collagen production so you can fight wrinkles naturally. It even has a hint of zinc which acts as a sunscreen. I really, really love this line. I use this 2x per day.

4. Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Natural Deodorant - Even the most chic need a good deodorant, and I can't get over this one, handmade in Brooklyn, NY. It's delicate lavender scent is predictably lovely, and despite the short and simple list of ingredients, it works SO well. It's my favourite natural deodorant I have ever, ever tried. Deodorant is one of those things. even natural brands can have suspect stuff in there like propylene glycol. The cream format doesn't require any added chems to help it keep it's shape, and glide on smoothly, so it's a way better bet. I use this 1-2x per day.

5. Tales of the Wild Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol - I keep this on my desk and spritz my face and neck with it once a day as a quick way to feel revitalized and refreshed, and deliver my skin some additional moisture and gentle cleansing nutrients through the day, especially during those seasonally transitional times of year that are so hard on our skin. The delicate rose scent transports me away for a moment, and it's a nice little ritual. The product is handmade, with the utmost of care, on Vancouver Island. 

What are your most loved natural skincare products? I'd love to hear, share in the comments! Stay tuned, we'll follow this post up with my daily make-up regimen (it's minimalist), with the most amazing line of cosmetics ever!