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Now that we’ve covered how to put “Me First,” along with a probiotic rich “Beet Kvass Recipe,” and lastly “NATIVE beauty,” what do we do now? How do we—the stunningly conscious and inspiring Pure Green community—put all these lessons into action? How do we lead our busy lives while still finding time for ourselves, dodging the toxic environment around us, and nourishing ourselves from within when we actually have to go to work, manage a family, a schedule, a team, or meals that are quick?  

I often get from readers that living a NATIVE lifestyle looks unbelievably rewarding and nourishing but it also looks expensive and incredibly time consuming. Then I make sure to instill these quick and easy tips of how to function within your life and not have to invest all your time and money into healthier choices. 


GO ORGANIC | eating more plant-based whole foods as the majority of your meals is an incredibly easy way to save a ton of cash while reaping copious benefits.  Staying away from the middle isles at the grocery stores and focusing on the organic produce will keep your grocery shopping way less expensive. And when you simply toss a ton of vegetables inside a blender or to roast in the oven, aside from some simple chopping, the tools do all the work for you.  Or if you make big batches and freeze them, you’ll save a ton of time slaving over meals or buying lunches out!  

PROBIOTIC RICH | when your gut bacteria is balanced, the world is your oyster.  Your allergies vanish, aging slows down, your immunity gets so strong that colds become something you remember getting years ago, and they also help to eat away some of the toxic not so nourishing foods one might consume once in a while. If probiotic supplements seem expensive, consume them the old fashioned way, through cultured foods, kombucha, beet kvass, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and so on! 


EWG | is a priceless resource to have on-the-go.  Their Food and Skin Deep app allow you to scan any barcode to see how toxic one or the other may be.  For people new to wellness, this is a wonderfully educational system to show how toxic those potentially natural crackers might be.  It actually gives you a choice as to whether you’d like those substances to go inside or on top of your body (which eventually is then absorbed inside). 

RECHARGE | no-matter how busy things may get. Even if it’s five minutes in the car before a meeting or 30 in front of your alter, take time to calm your mind and nervous system so you don’t fully exhaust all your energy and happiness. 


So when all this talk of hyper holistic living might get incredibly intimidating, I like to give people these four basics to revert back to in order to realize that it is only as challenging and as complicating we make it! You are more powerfully capable than you even know or imagine! 





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