FREE + NATIVE | Beauty



Beauty for me, and my NATIVE clients, is something that you ingest, or vitamins and minerals that literally feed the skin.  It’s a deep science with the most practical and basic components from the most ancient, pure, and medicinal sources.  Below you will find the NATIVE secret to grooming and beaming the ultimate glow for your everyday Pure Green lifestyle.


HAIR | ingesting Stinging Nettle Leaf tea infusions daily (2-3 cups) will make for some of the thickest and glossiest hair you can imagine. He shou wu is your next powerhouse herb to throw into your daily smoothie, juice, soup or water to reverse gray hair and have rapid growth at speeds you didn’t think your hair was capable of.

SKIN | healthy gut bacteria is literally the key to glowing skin (and eliminating acne). I suggest that my clients ingest some form of a good bacteria rich food with every meal. This can be fermented vegetables and coconut kefir to Beet Kvass. Pearl powder (literally ground up pearls), schizandra, tocos, and turmeric are my other internal facial ingredients for luminescent, clear, and anti-inflamed skin. If you start incorporating these five staples daily, you can kiss your facialist goodbye. 

NAILS | minerals and protein are the key to strong, fast growing nails (and hair). For this I turn red raspberry leaf tea infusions for its dense vitamins and minerals, and to gelatin for deep amino acids and collagen that are also incredibly skin feeding and hair strengthening. 


PRODUCT | it’s always so liberating to watch a client that has relied on heavily toxic hormone & endocrine disrupting products for years throw them away only to find that weeks later their moods start evening out, their sleep becomes deeper, and everything seems to fall a little more into balance. A fun exercise we do is to individually look up each one of their products on EWG to see how toxic they are. 

And then based on the client’s skin-type, I turn them onto hyper pure ancient products.  Such as something as simple as moisturizing with a sprits of Rose Geranium Hydrosol followed by pure raw shea butter for ultra dry skin, leading to the most satin and glowing complexion they’ve ever experienced.  

DIET | to truly align weight, complexion, and balance emotions, I suggest that everyone looks into what constitution they might be (Ayurveda or Chinese Medicine). This will help ensure that one is getting the adequate types of fats to support moisturizing from the inside, and protein to help properly rebuild collagen, hormones, skin elasticity, and hair & nails strength.  This will ultimately set them on the path to synergistic bliss.