PGM 22 | Celine MacKay of Pure Green Magazine

Apr 23 2015

In this episode of the Pure Green Podcast, the tables are turned, and our host, Editor and Founder of Pure Green Magazine is our interviewee. Celine talks to Web Editor, Katherine Oakes, about her childhood growing up in Muskoka, Canada, and the values instilled in her that have lasted a lifetime, her take on the most pressing environmental issues today, and how she keeps Pure Green relevant and informative, all with an air of deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the world.

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Erin Monett of Ever Images | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

Shows Notes & Main Themes

  • The positive influence of growing up in a rural area and the homeschool education she received 
  • Her dramatic shift to green living and how she learned to encourage the people in her life to do the same
  • Lisa Hackwith's article 
  • Laura Wright's Podcast
  • Celine's practice of considering the life-cycle of a product before purchasing as a means to combat consumerism and create accountability.
  • What Celine thinks are the most pressing and time-sensitive environmental issues today—links to learn more: &
  • How she is trying to instill sustainable ethics and values into her daughter's life