PG 34 | Beth Kirby of Local Milk

Oct 01 2015

I have an exciting interview today with a guest I know you will all love to hear from. She is a tastemaker, stylist, photographer, blogger and advocate for slow living; her name is Beth Kirby, she's the authoress of Local Milk, a blog so many love and admire, and it's likely you also follow her swoon-worthy Instagram. I'm very pleased to be able to offer a conversation with the inspiring woman behind it all. In our interview, Beth speaks openly about her life's trials and triumphs, how she developed her talent and established her voice, and how she is able to earn a living doing work she truly loves and is passionate about. We talk about travel, photography, life and love as well as connecting to your community and supporting local and sustainable makers and goods. Enjoy!

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An example of Beth's recipe development, photography and styling work.

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PHOTOGRAPHY by Beth Kirby of LOCAL MILK | PODCAST produced by Ben Goldstein

What We Cover & Notes

  • The defining moments that led Beth to the life she leads now.
  • The spark that inspired Local Milk and how she developed her blog and voice.
  • The variety of ways she earns a living, plus her advice on earning a living while pursuing creativity.  
  • Beth talks about the contrast in the life she portrays, which is part of her work, the life that she leads, which is private, and how she defines her boundaries. Also, a bit about Instagram.
  • Love is a big theme in Beth's life right now. How she met her new husband Matthew, their whirlwhind romance, how true love has changed her life, and her advice on keeping the spark alive in a marriage.
  • Beth's definition of slow living, and her core belief that slow living does not necessarily mean a quiet, reserved life, but the knowledge and acceptance that good things in life take time. 
  • Beth's ideas on maintaining a positive frame of mind and living in the moment when life feels chaotic, from stress or being overly busy or financial worry or family relationships, etc.
  • Why Beth believes in supporting local, sustainable goods, and her thoughts on finding your local community of artisans and makers.
  • Behind the scenes on Beth's photography and styling work, and a bit about Beth's workshops.
  • Beth's plans on starting a family and her thoughts on whether continuing to live a lifestyle like hers is realistic with kids.