PGM 18 | Harvesting a Love for Farm Life with Andrea Bemis

Mar 26 2015

Andrea Bemis and her husband Taylor realized a fantasy that so many urban dwellers only ever dream about: they moved out West and started their own Organic farm. In this episode of the Pure Green Podcast, Celine talks to Andrea about how she turned her dream into a reality, and all the struggles and rewards that come with it. Food is such an important and precious resource in our world and many don’t realize the hardships that our own farmers experience. Allow Andrea to inspire you to support your own local farm and to treasure that connection to the earth and its growers.

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Harvest your love for food & farm life with Andrea Bemis on Ep. 18 of the Pure Green Podcast 





PHOTOGRAPHY couresty of Andrea Bemis


Show Notes & Main Themes

3:00 Andrea discusses her move from the city to the farm with Celine and how a handful of blueberries inspired her to make the change

10:25 Her initial dislike of farming to the eventual appreciation of it after experiencing the first harvest

13:53 There was something pretty powerful about [...] having worked my whole body - on loving the hard work of farming

22:07 Why her and her husband decided to start their own farm and how they discovered their land, Tumbleweed Farms, in Oregon

37:11 It’s been a pretty powerful change [...] I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve done before”

42:08 Why she started her blog, Dishing Up the Dirt

50:45 The challenges of crafting meals from a CSA box and how they create recipes for their CSA members

52:48 Andrea talks about the importance of supporting the small farming community and how she stays connected to other young farmers in her area

57:00 How they handle losing crops without using pesticides and why they insist on remaining organic farmers

1:03 Why providing foods for other people’s family and working with her own is her favorite part of farm life