Your Wish Is Our Command

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Joseph + Jamie


I'm interrupting all weekly programming with a special experiment. A super fun one, at least we think so! At the moment Jonathan (Pure Green's Food Editor) and I are locking up the recipes for the new issue. As we were talking, choosing among our recipe drafts, we had a crazy idea. We recently had a dinner party where a friend brought over a bunch of random ingredients, and Jonathan somehow (his recipe conjuring powers continually astound me) pulled together the most amazing meal we've had in a long time. Our friends went so far as to say it was the best meal they'd ever had! Anyway, it led to a conversation between us about how Jonathan really loves working that way. Being constrained by something like specific ingredients is, for him, just the opposite of constraint. It opens up a realm of possibility, all different ways to make those ingredients shine. So what does this have to do with you? Well, for the next issue, we wanted to get you involved and recreate that dinner party experiment! Here's what we had in mind: simply email (or get in touch with us any us any which way really, we are @puregreenmag on twitter, facebook and instagram), with your requests or ingredients that you'd like Jonathan to incorporate into a recipe. See below for some examples:


  • Is there a particular ingredient(s) that you truly love? Throw out your all-time favourites! As few or as many as you like!
  • Is there a classic dish or family favourite that you adore, but you'd love a healthier version? Jonathan is a specialist at breaking down classics and recreating them in a healthier way.
  • Or maybe you've always wanted to know how to make a certain thing... send it our way and we'll provide you your own personal recipe in the pages of the magazine!

There are very few rules and that's where all the fun lies! Now, we're not guaranteeing anything, but we're game to try if you are! Depending on how many submissions we get over the next 3 days (that's all the time we're allowing so be quick!), the Pure Green team will select five submissions and Jonathan will develop a recipe around it (as long as the ingredients are available and we can get them organic).

And just to make it interesting, we'll throw in a free subscription (an $80 value) for the chosen winners.

We actually posed this question to those on our mailing list last night, and already got some great requests! Here are a few just to get your ideas flowing:

"Awesome idea! I'm just discovering baby bok choy and would love some easy and yummy ideas for this lovely green and white veggie. Thanks so much!" —From Leah

"Fun, how about quinoa, kale, cauliflower, scallions, avocado, beets, mango and pine nuts and salmon? Some of our favorite's but have never had them all together! Excited!" —From Erika (Whoa, now that's a challenge!)

"Fun idea! Favorite ingredients for you to consider: Raspberries, Brusell sprouts, Goat cheese. Classic family favorite that's too fattening: Chicken pot pie --- but it needs the yummy pastry top! Thing I'd like to make well - Beef wellington (meat is either under cooked or pastry gets soggy... hey wait I'm sensing a pastry theme in my list...). Thanks for engaging your readers! —From Lori

So, let's get cooking!

Celine & Jonathan

Founder/Editor | Food Editor

PS - Don't forget that submissions for the reimagined and hugely expanded #PGMinseason project open tomorrow!!


PHOTOGRAPHS by Joseph + Jaime (who also shoot the Organic Kitchen)