Volume 8 Preview

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Celine MacKay


YESTERDAY I RECEIVED A SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM OUR PRINTER-VOLUME 8, WELCOME HOME! They arrived smelling strongly of fresh, nontoxic, vegetable ink, and recycled paper. It's a great smell, fading quickly, but creating due anticipation after first tearing open the envelope. This issue centers on home—a topic I think we'll have to revisit time and again—an eclectic collection of truly honest and genuine homes and people. It's an inspiring read! Please subscribe today and support our efforts to feature amazingly talented and wonderful people, artists, photographers and writers in each issue. This is our true purpose, we believe in it strongly and want to to share the magazine with many, many people around the world (as we do already). Thank you, as always, from the depths of my heart, for reading. 


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