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TEXT by Katherine Oakes | PHOTOGRAPHS by VAUX


VINTAGE STYLE IS TOO OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH BEING OUT-OF-DATE, USED BEYOND WEAR, AND A HASSLE TO BUY. Isn't it just easier to shop new? Sure it is -- but it's the convenience and immediacy of having the new now that disconnects us from the process it was created by, who was involved, where it's going to go once we no longer have a use for it, and if we even need it? We believe that it's the pause in between that allows you to shift your perspective to see the impact and value that conscious consumerism can have.

And when it comes to buying vintage pieces, our friends at VAUX are well-versed in just how truly out-of-date it isn't. That's why they have curated a stunning online shop for women full of vintage clothing and accessories, that rival any modern-day designs. After all, we are a product of our culture -- and as we explore deeply in Volume 10, The Heritage issue, this very thread informs what we do; weaving our past and present together, so inextricably that we can barely tell them apart.  

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The aesthetics of VAUX are clean, minimal, and practical, creating an atmosphere that incorporates old and new in a very livable way.  We carefully select pieces that are sensible and accessible so they can be incorporated into our customer’s every-day lives. By continually reinterpreting modern culture's trends and sidestepping vintage pieces that feels kitschy or retro, we hope to fill an urban niche in the vintage market. Unlike most costume-based vintage stores, VAUX feels more at home amongst contemporary designers. And that's why we're excited about the expansion of VAUX - this summer we'll start carrying our favorite contemporary designers alongside our vintage pieces. 



We believe sourcing pre-used pieces is the most sustainable way of shopping in a society that encourages materialism and unmindfulness when making fast-fashion purchases. By sourcing vintage pieces that already exist in abundance in the world, we are in a way saying no to unfair production practices that involve cheap labor and cheap materials. It’s our way of promoting reuse and recycling in the fashion community. In seeking out contemporary lines and designers, we are choosing items that are well-made, made fairly, or made locally. Our aim is to provide a well curated shop that not only provides you with items that are useful and chic, but items that make you feel confident about the ethics behind your purchase. 


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Shop this look here, here, and here.


Shop this look, here, here, and here.