This is Made by Hand

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by A video series promoting that which is made locally, sustainably, and with a love for craft. Brooklyn, NYC.

I am closely following this video series called Made by Hand out of Brooklyn, NYC. This is their inaugural video, featuring independent gin maker Brad Estabrooke of the Breuckelen Distilling Company, the first gin distiller in Brooklyn since prohibition. Brad talks about the experience of founding the distillery in this honest dialog - the bigger the risk the more profound the reward (boy can I relate - starting a business in which every turn is an adventure, a puzzle of problem-solving and discovery, has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done. I dream endlessly of the day when I can hold our print edition in my hand... I will be jumping up and down and hugging everyone I see on that day believe me!!). 

Read more about the Made by Hand project below:

MADE BY HAND WAS CREATED out of the belief that the things we collect, consume, use, and share are part of who we are as individuals. For example, the food that we eat says something about each of us, as do the tools we use and the chairs we rest on. Objects that surround the space we dwell in tell stories, and not just about us. Where did they come from? Who made them? How were they made?

Each film aims to promote that which is made locally, sustainably, and with a love for craft. Based in Brooklyn, the project takes its influence from the handmade movement here and elsewhere. We hope you find the spirit of it inspiring.