Style - New from Viola Park

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by New design element from one of my favourite kitchen companies Viola Park.


Ok I've let the post about our new PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS ride long enough (I'm just so excited and I can't get over seeing it written out like that. This is a very big deal for us at Pure Green!). But since I'm back in my regular blog rhythm... I was happy to recieve an update from Viola Park, quite literally my all time favourite modular, green kitchen company. If Viola Park is new to you, they are HenryBuilt's eco counterpart and as such reflect the same minimalist, modern and clean design. (Their website lists the complete eco specs, so head on over there for more information.) One of my favourite design elements is their use of Paperstone countertops. I'm very familiar with Paperstone as I work with it everyday in our shop, and it's actually the work surface on my desk! It's incredibly durable, warm and easy to care for and made with recycled paper (!!), but that's another post. Viola Park has just launched a new design feature, a backsplash shelf and integrated knife block. "The innovative shelving system is designed to maximize the function and utilityof a commonly neglected portion of the kitchen. The 5" powder coated steel shelf provides quick access to frequently used ingredients. The wood knife block holds 12 knives and is available in walnut, rift-cut white oak, and bamboo."  If you are like me and don't fancy overhead cupboards, this is a great solution. Or perhaps you like floating shelves, but are after a more minimalist approach. This would help you acheive that look. View more images from Viola Park on their site. And DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE :)