Sneak Peek: Editor's Choice #2

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by The first print issue has arrived!! We continue with this week's Editor's Choice previews of Issue 7.



Continuing with this week's Issue 7 Editor's Choice preview - this shot is from our Special Feature entitled Open House, in which Susan and William Brinson (of House of Brinson fame) inspire us with stunning visuals on hosting a casual party using vintage dishware, and Susan tempts the tastebuds too with some of her favourite tasty treats. An amazing baker, she will surely get your mouth watering and she'll have you in the kitchen whipping up something delicious this holiday season for sure! There's something about the textures in this shot that I just love! And it looks just great in print too!

On other news, if you haven't heard yet, our first PRINT ISSUE has landed! Pick up yours here!

photo credit: William Brinson for Pure Green Magazine