Sneak Peek: Editor's Choice

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Sneak Peek Issue 7: Editor's Choice


It's a big week! The print magazine will be shipping before the week is out! My hands are a little shaky as I write this and my heart's a pounding - this feels pretty monementous for the Pure Green team! Creating this new issue was a big undertaking but it was nothing short of a labour of love. I'm about to burst with the anticipation of it all!

While we wait, I thought it would be fun to select 2-3 of my favourite shots from the new issue. This one ranks number one - its Jonathan's dessert feature from the new edition of the Organic Kitchen, where he's created a mouthwatering menu tailored for the perfect dinner party. It's a stunning lineup.

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Photo: Erin Monett