Marketplace Ad Placement

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Introducing Marketplace - a unique ad space specially designed for small companies and independent artisans.

Here at Pure Green we've always strived to support small/mid size companies and handmade artisans - a standpoint I feel strongly about as I think they are the backbone of the developing sustainable/eco market. There is so much talent out there and we want to play a part in giving it a voice. Which is why we've created Marketplace, a special new promotional section of the magazine, both in print and online - it is designed to be an affordable alternative to big ticket media buy that will still get great results. Several of the creators behind the great products we've featured so far have written us to share how our magazine played a big part in boosting sales for them - so now we're sharing that opportunity with you! (The Marketplace ad space is completely different than our Inspired Living style section - those products are carefully curated by our style director Michelle Carangi to fit the theme of each issue - they are not sponsored in any way.) Marketplace ad slots will be limited and available only to products/companies/artisans that meet our eco requirements. Please contact us to learn more about the application process! But hurry! Time is of the essence to make it into our print debut!!


Here's an example of what a Marketplace ad will look like: