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Share What Inspires You

 I always feel my best when I'm outside. No matter where I am I'm constantly inspired by my surroundings. It breathes a fire in my belly that drives me to do better on a regular basis. Does this ever happen to you? I wanted to share this video with you because I think it communicates the way I feel quite nicely - it inspires an awe that I think eventually will lead to change, as long as we don't become blind to it. If the weather is nice where you live, take a walk with the time to enjoy. Admire things you've never noticed before... and allow those things to influence you, to foster a deeper appreciation. I don't take great pictures—it's something I've always wanted to learn and I'll be damned if I don't. But maybe you do? So... we're hosting a photo contest here on Pure Green to commemorate Earth Day—take a photo of something beautiful, inspired by nature, near where you live. The winner will win the latest issue of Pure Green!! 

SHARE THE BEAUTY YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY—city, country, wherever you are. Sit back and appreciate. It's a wonderful world we're living in.


Email your photo to with 'Photo Contest' in the subject line, and/or  upload your photo to our new photo group on Contest is open for 2 weeks, but to get maximum exposure please enter early! Can't wait to get started!!