PGM Hashtag Project | #PGMinseason

TEXT by Katherine Oakes | PHOTOGRAPHS by An exclusive Pure Green Instagram hashtag challenge: #PGMinseason!


Over the past week, the Pure Green Blog has featured three lovely bloggers, Lindsey Love of Dolly and Oatmeal, Claire Raggozzino author of Vidya Cleanse, and Laura Wright the woman behind The First Mess whom we are thrilled to share as our Instagram community leaders for the Pure Green hashtag project, #PGMinseason

Beginning Friday, August 15th until September 15th post a picture on your Instagram to share how you prepare an in season ingredient in any form. It can be a homemade recipe that you've created, adapted, or decided to try on your own. Don't worry about what it is or how it's prepared-- flex your creative cookery muscles in any way you like! Then be sure to share it with us by using the hashtags: #PGMinseason & #PUREGREENMAG and tag @Puregreenmag on Instagram so we can see it too! 

The in season project focuses on eating local, organic, and using in season foods as part of living a more conscious lifestyle and as always, that living green is never synonymous with sacrifice. We encourage you to post a short description with your picture of what this means for you and the ways in which cooking in season is present in your lifestyle. 

Along the way our leading ladies will share their interpretation of #PGMinseason on the Pure Green blog and their respective sites, and will be keeping a keen eye open for three lucky winners at the end of the month. These will be judged on the quality of submissions and winners will be invited to publish a full-length article on the Pure Green blog and receive a complimentary subscription to Pure Green Magazine! *Limited to recipients in Canada and the U.S.*

In the meantime, stick with us here for mini in season guides, additional posts and plenty of Instagram fun!