Camp Cobbler

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Shaun Boyte

I'M FINDING THAT I CAN'T QUITE COME UP WITH THE WORDS TO ADEQUATELY INTRODUCE THIS VIDEO, produced by incredibly talented Happyolks duo Kelsey and Shaun, also regular PGM contributors, and whose talent I am in awe of. This film speaks to me at my very core and expresses many things I love in life. I was transfixed, when after my regular visit to Happyolks, I came across it. I found myself staring into space once it was over, contemplating. Life, as of late, has been a vehemently whirling dervish of ups and downs. Things in my life feel uncertain, and unstable. But, perhaps most importantly, I feel that busy times and overwhelming schedules have gotten in the way of just enjoying. Of taking a breath of fresh air, surrounding myself in nature, and recharging. When Jonathan and I go camping, we do it like this. Our packs are ridiculously heavy, not with gear, but with food and cooking utensils. Jonathan is no slouch, and our camping menu is ambitious. Ever notice how food, no matter how simple, tastes so much better after a day spent hiking or paddling? It's like your taste buds are on overdrive, along with your voracious appetite, and even if you might be happy with macaroni and cheese out of a box, why stop there? Why not bake bread and pies over the fire? Or, as in Kelsey's case, fruit cobbler? Right now this film is reminding me that no matter how busy life gets, it's important to indulge in things you love, because, as I'm learning the hard way, life is too short. So take a moment and watch, and let yourself be reminded of something that you love to do, and then, go do it! I'm terribly tempted myself to hang a sign that says 'back in a week'. Is it crazy to take a 3 month old camping? 

For Kelsey's camp cobbler recipe, swing over to Happyolks