Volume 7 | Modern Homestead

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Celine MacKay


I'M EXCITED TO SHARE A LITTLE SNEAK PEEK INTO THE CURRENT ISSUE, MODERN HOMESTEAD. The issue explores the theme of learning new skills, and embracing the rituals and imperfection of it. It aims to help reduce consumption of mass produced goods, while at the same time fostering our appreciation of the process and the relationships we can build while doing it. Featured are two very inspiring homesteaders who share what it's been like for them, the trials and tribulations, challenges and joys. The response to the issue has been wonderful, and I'm incredibly grateful to our readers, to our contributors, and to those featured, all of which make the magazine so unique and special! Enjoy this little sneak peek—click here to subscribe or order a copy.


You and your team are doing such a wonderful job. The stories featured, the photography...it's all so beautiful. Every issue leaves me wanting to develop a new skill or try something new. 
I was also thrilled to see Falcon Trails featured in Issue 7. Being from Winnipeg, I wasn't even aware that Falcon Lake had an eco destination like this. Very cool!
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Counting the days till Issue 8 goes out :)
-Amy Walters, PGM Subscriber