Celebrating the Season

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by lauren kolyn


IT'S NO SECRET THAT WE AT PURE GREEN HARBOUR A DEEP LOVE FOR LOCAL, SEASONAL FOOD, and of course for the farmers that produce it. As all of our contributors have said again and again, eating well is at it's core about quality ingredients and there is no better place to find quality than at your local farmer's market. I count the days each spring to the first market day, and I'm sadly watching the calendar weeks fly by until ours folds up for winter at Thanksgiving. Fall is settling deeply in, the leaves are changing and the first heavy rain is bringing the coloured leaves down in droves, and so with this unmistakable change of season and pace, I thought is pertinent to celebrate the summer's recent bounty with a beautiful photo essay by our Montreal-based contributor Lauren Kolyn


In these photos the fresh produce is the focus, photographed at the famous Marché Jean Talon, a bustling outdoor market operating daily in the summer months. Founded in 1933 and located in the heart of Little Italy, it's known for it's community feel and diverse offerings.  

"One of my favourite things about Marché Jean Talon is that though it's one of Montreal's largest and popular outdoor (food) markets, it has a great community vibe. The majority of vendors have been there for many years, some even decades, and are some of the friendliest people in the city. Over the years I've found myself returning to the same stands to purchase specific produce, products, and plants. It's big and busy but it's pulse is intimate, truly the perfect place to load up on local, seasonal produce and products or to spend a few hours walking around and enjoying all the free samples!" 

Thank you Lauren for sharing a little of your market inspiration, and helping us feel grateful for all the incredible good food we've been enjoying all summer!