Turn Your Craft Into a Business

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Madesmith


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AT PURE GREEN WE HAVE ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT OUR BELIEF IN A HANDMADE CULTURE, and we have always supported small batch producers, makers, and artisans. We believe they are an integral part of the sustainable economy. Madesmith is an online company that fosters relationships with makers and together with them brings truly beautiful, quality items for your home or wardrobe to market. We've partnered with them before, and we admire their aesthetic and work very much. A parternship with between Pure Green and Madesmith is truly a match made in heaven, as their aestheic and values align with Pure Green's rather perfectly.



Through the work that they do with designers throughout the country, Madesmith noticed that many makers were challenged by creating a business out of their craft. Sumeera Rasul, founder of Madesmith who recently completed her Masters in Business, wanted to offer a helping hand so she created the Madesmith Academy which is launching an online course called the Sustainable Fashion Business Incubator, specifically for designers making clothing, shoes, bags, home textiles, and accessories.



These photos share just a few stories that Madesmith has helped bring to light, such as that of Lisa Hackwith of Hackwith Design (click through to read her story on Madesmith). We have always been drawn to Lisa's work, as is evident by our own interview with her. She is a success story who learned hard lessons in order to help her business thrive. Sumeera and Madesmith have taken the principles they've observed in successful artisanal businesses like Lisa's, along with more traditional business strategies, and have built the Madesmith Academy into an invaluable resouce for makers looking to take their business to the next level.



As the Madesmith Academy team recently shared on their blog, starting a business is scary, so much so that only 5% of would-be entrepreneurs take the leap. Take it from us, it's a hard road that fluctuates between elation and doubt daily. It's often lonely too, as many designers are also solopreneurs, which often leaves you holding all the cards and unsure how to play them—the good news is that the Madesmith Academy has taken great strides to take the guesswork out of the process, offering up support and friendship all the while. The course is 8 weeks long, and in it you will learn how to launch and grow your ethical brand, tell your unique story, various marketing strategies, create and grow a client list, how to find funding, and much, much more. Registration is closing June 28 at 11 pm; if you are a designer or someone you know is in this field, I encourage you to check out the program. Madesmith doesn’t do anything without incredible attention to detail and I know this course will reflect that same care and attention. 



Thank you Madesmith for the work that you're doing, and for supporting Pure Green!

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