Inspired Living | Grovemade

TEXT by Katherine Oakes | PHOTOGRAPHS by Grovemade


"MADE THE HARD WAY" IS THE MANTRA BY WHICH GROVEMADE FERVISHLY LIVES BY. This group of artisans design, manufacture and craft all their unique, beautiful products from their headquarters in Portland, Oregon where they create stylish and functional pieces for the working man and woman.  

What you’ll find are splendidly sleek collections of iPhone, laptop, and tablet cases handmade from natural bamboo, walnut, and maple materials that also includes recycled skateboard wood in one of their most popular collaborations, the “SkateCase”. 



One thing that Grovemade makes perfectly clear is their commitment not only to style and functionality but to enhancing the inherent aesthetic of their products. In the very final steps of manufacturing, each product is carefully sanded by hand and treated with a “natural oil and wax blend to bring out the organic beauty of [their] materials”. 


It’s obvious when holding one of their cases in your hand that there was a hearty amount of love and craftsmanship put into it. Everything from the laser-etched logo to the thoughtfully rounded yet clean-cut edges speaks to the team’s precision of being skilled craftsman of their trade. “Our process is uncompromising, because we believe every product is a representation of who we are”, says the Grovemade website in a heartfelt testament to their work. There is no doubt that these products are not only made by and for them but their ergonomic design reflects a deep understanding of the workman’s space and what they need. 

To get to know the Grovemade team a little better, enjoy scrolling through their cheeky website bios and reading a few of their blog posts where you will get a sense of their light-heartedness and a hint of how they weave sustainability and quality into their everyday lives.