TEXT by Katherine Oakes | PHOTOGRAPHS by Beardbrand


Have you ever heard the term "Beardsmen" before? Are you an expert at pairing together the right beard oils for different kinds of beard types? If yes, then Beardbrand is for you. If no, then Beardbrand is also for you. We admit, here at Pure Green we were of the latter group, which made this Q&A with Beardbrand that much more fun! Today, we're talking with Beardbrand about what the modern day, urban Beardsmen lifestyle is like and how they are working to shift the public's perspective of them. 

Hey Beardbrand! We are excited to have you on the PGM blog because similar to us, you too, are a lifestyle has beard maintenance, knowledge, and the unique products you've created become such an integral part of your everyday life?

We are trying to build more than a company that sells products. We are trying to change the way society views beardsmen and shift the traditional negative stereotypes of beardsmen to a more positive image. Part of that transition includes helping men feel more comfortable with their facial hair, their style, and their community. The bearded lifestyle isn’t something you turn off and on and it’s part of how you live your life.

Your transparency in the way that you openly list your products' ingredients is admirable. Do you have any rules against what you can and cannot use in the beard oils?

When creating products, we like to focus on what is best for the beard and the person, not what’s best for profits. We are driven to be the best, and we feel that natural oils do a far better job of hydrating, and softening a beard than silicone based products. When we create a product, we don’t have any shame in the ingredients because we’ve made well thought out, purposeful decisions.




As a magazine that promotes a sustainable lifestyle, it can sometimes be tricky to encourage people to put more thought or effort into their day to day living. Do you find similar challenges or hurdles in your own endeavor?

This is a fun question and I could probably talk on hours about the thought process, but we don’t try to change people. What we try to do is show them how we live our lives and if they are open minded, then to give them tools they need to improve their lives. When that becomes our focus, it’s more about spreading our message rather than convincing people to change. I’m not the type of guy who will sell ice to Eskimos. We don’t want all men to grow their beards out. Instead, we want to be the company that helps give tools to men who want to wear facial hair. Those tools are more than just products to use on their beards, but also ways to be more confident when wearing a beard.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned about your particular community or "niche"?

We foster style for the urban beardsman, which is really a niche within a niche. It’s a community that hasn’t been well defined in the past and we are shaping the way people think of beardsmen. Beardsmen are probably some of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. They always seem to have an interesting story or perspective on life. They are wise and patient and very open minded. I’m a bit biased, but we probably have the best community on the planet.



Craziest beard, mustache, or facial hair you've EVER seen... go!

Why describe it when I can show it. This is a photo of me and Collin Hooper - a competitor at the Epic Beard Competition in Spokane, WA from this month. He’s got one of the best freestyle beards I’ve ever seen in person. It’s a scull and crossbones with the matching pirate outfit. Brilliant!