Ice Cubes with a Twist

TEXT by Erin Boyle | PHOTOGRAPHS by Erin Boyle


As you can probably tell from my last post, warmer weather gives me a real taste for icy cocktails. Unfortunately, when it’s 2pm on Tuesday a boozy cocktail isn’t exactly the recipe for a successful finish to the day.


So instead of pouring a cocktail, you can compromise with an icy treat that has the look and feel of a fancy cocktail, without the actual alcohol. Juniper berries give gin its distinctive piney flavor, so I made a trayful of ice cubes that each included a slice of lemon, a sage leaf and a juniper berry or three. Pouring seltzer water over the ice cubes makes an afternoon drink with just the right tickle to make it feel fancy. And the best part? When your work is finished for the day, you can add a splash of gin and put your feet up.


The process for making the ice cubes couldn’t be simpler: just fill your ice cube trays with water, dot them with your ingredients and freeze. Don’t forget to experiment: another favorite ice cube combination of mine is raspberries and mint with a slice of lime. The possibilities are endless. Entertaining a crowd? Fill up a whole pitcher with fancy ice. Just don't be surprised when they steal the show.