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TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by A mid-century modern Craftsman restoration.


I'm feeling very inspired today by this little vintage modern Craftsman restoration by Ore Studios; perhaps because is reminds me very much of my little house, a 1950's bungalow, but way nicer! I've been waylaid from my decorating plans lately because of general lack of time and energy, but one day soon I 'll get there. In the meantime, I'll inspire you with this gorgeous yet acheiveable home. 

"This 1930s home features chalky-colored walls and craftsman details that serve as a backdrop for a collection of mostly mid-century furniture. Low VOC paints in warm grays and green-blues balance a wide range of orange-toned teak and bent plywood. All vintage pieces have been carefully restored and are seamlessly mixed with a variety of richly textured textiles and carpets. Curtains are constructed of linens, block printed cottons, and antique silks, while blinds are of bamboo and woven grasses. A newly renovated kitchen features custom painted cabinetry with unlacquered brass hardware and just enough room for a breakfast table." -Ore Studios



Love this sideboard vignette!





I have a 2nd guest bedroom adjacent to mine. I never, ever use it, and currently it's where I stash things and then close the door on my mess. I'm thinking a dressing room would be a pretty great alternative use!