Greenhouse Design Studio

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Introducing Greenhouse Design Studio, a new online store featuring delightful vintage, handmade and sustainable wares.


We have exciting news for you! Yesterday a new online store was launched, Greenhouse Design Studio. After anxiously clicking "refresh" all day in hopes the site was up I was so pleased to finally get my first peek and I wanted to share it with our readers as well as I know this will be the most perfect thing for all of you. Specializing mostly in vintage items, the carefully curated site was created by Laurie Furber, who for 12 years ran the mail order division of Pottery Barn, and JP Furber. A good deal of the vintage goods were sourced throughout European flea markets and reflect that quality and authentic old world charm. Other items are sustainably produced or made in the United States. Vintage china and jam jars, beautiful organic bed linens, soy candles in Weck jars, vintage letterpress letters, and dishes handmade by California artisans are a few of the things you might find on the site. I was impressed by Laurie's attention to detail, the carefully styled product shots and generally pleasing array (loving the shoot location too!). I wish the store's California homebase was a little closer to us here at Pure Green Mag as I'm sure Laurie, Erin (PGM's devout photog whom I never go anywhere without!) and I could work together to create something pretty special for you! Perhps one day eh? oui oui!






Laurie believes sustainability can take on many forms: products handcrafted
in small batches, giving vintage items new life in a new home, generating as
little waste as possible, using sustainable materials, engaging with socially
responsible companies that give back to their communities.

All images from Greenhouse Design Studio. Go on over and introduce yourself! The site has some neat interactive elements in development too!