Spring 2012 Collection from FLOR

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by We were delighted to get a sneak peek at FLOR's new Spring 2012 collection - stylish and in perfect keeping with our philosphy at Pure Green, FLOR's modular rugs are green and gorgeous.

Cozy Textures: FLOR's Spring 2012 Collection


Sweaters are the adult version of the baby blanket with the satin trim. They’re familiar and comforting. We tend to hang on to them. Sweater Weather [style shown] is a familiar cabled look in complex yarns. $13.99 per tile.

We were delighted to get a sneak peek at FLOR's new Spring 2012 collection. We've been a fan for years. Here's just a few reasons why:

  • FLOR is part of Interface Inc., a global company that manufactures modular carpet tiles and was founded by Ray Anderson - whose views on waste reduction and corporate sustainability were truly visionary. He commited Interface to what they call 'Mission Zero': To eliminate any negative impact the Interface family of companies may have on the environment by the year 2020. You can read more about Mr. Anderson's vision in his memoir: Confessions of a Radical Industrialist: Profits, People, Purpose--Doing Business by Respecting the Earth. In 1973 when Interface was founded, making carpets was making carpets was a "toxic, petroleum-based process, releasing immense amounts of air and water pollution and creating tons of waste." Today the company has a fantastic closed-loop manufacturing process in which their carpets are made of 100% recycled materials and are entirely recyclable, and they are made in the USA. Nothing short of awesome.
  • Modular carpet helps reduce waste and save money - rather then replace entire rooms because one small spot is worn out or stained, renew your carpet in seconds by simply switching out the damaged spots. 
  • It's stylish - in keeping with our philosphy at Pure Green, FLOR's residential carpets are green and gorgeous. "At FLOR, Design is more than superficial. FLOR’s philosophy on Design supports the ever-changing world of everyday life with realistic solutions, impeccable aesthetics and respect for the environment.  It is inspired living."


Simple elegance is often calming as a decorative theme except if it makes you crazy trying to clean it. Settle Down [style shown] with this modern Berber which is designed to be stress free. Looks best laid parquet style. $13.99 per tile.


Great colors and a crowd pleasing texture. Mix and matches with every other FLOR product. It can walk your dog and watch your kids. Ha…Made you Look [style shown]! Looks best laid parquet style. $11.99 per tile.


Seasonal roadside stands full of fruit, vegetables and local treats entice autos from their hurried path to stop and partake of a handgrown treat. The weaving of tire tracks left behind gave inspiration to this chunky, loopy style we call Roadside Attraction. $15.99 per tile

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