Do Something Small For Something Really Big!

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by A last minute gift idea for the outdoorsey type in your life with everything.


When Jonathan and I got married we asked for no gifts - we had everything we needed. But, true to wedding fashion there are always those few overly generous folks who decided we still needed a little spoiling. We were loathe to complain and felt extremely grateful, but there was one gift that I've truly never forgotten. A gift voucher from a donation made on our behalf to a wildlife and parks conservation group. It seemed to me an original idea and spoke to my eco-soul. North America is rich with natural wonders and sensitive eco systems - it truly is Mother Nature's playland. I've been so busy (and a little overwhelmed, who's kidding who) this Christmas with the launch of our first PRINT issue that gift guides and holiday inspiration have been admittedly a little short here on the PGM blog. But after a recent email from The Big Wild I felt inspired! If you are still looking for a last minute gift, maybe this would be just the ticket! A few clicks and you're done. For the outdoor enthusiast in your life who has everything, skip the collapsible camping gear that they don't really need and stick a card with the receipt in their stocking. They can then get busy planning a trip over to the Nahanni or whatever part of the country you helped preserve in their name! 


Two great sites to check out: The Big Wild and CPAWS

Photo Credit: The Big Wild