Natural Place Cards

TEXT by Erin Boyle | PHOTOGRAPHS by Erin Boyle


I've mentioned before in this space how much I'm a fan of simple projects. For me, the idea of elaborate table decorations at dinner parties is beautiful in theory, but I often find that after making the dinner itself and setting out the plates and cutlery, I've about exhausted my hostess energy stores. Still, sometimes a little effort goes a long way. In the case of these place cards, the execution couldn't be simpler.


I punched two holes in a piece of recycled kraft paper and wove in a bit of verbena bonariensis. It's a flower with a hearty stem and enough staying power to last an evening without too much drooping. Yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace are other good options, though you should be prepared for the Queen Anne's Lace to wilt a bit without water. Whatever the flower, the impact is lovely and the energy expended slim to none.