Sage Gardens

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by Pauline Boldt


I'M EXCITED TO SHARE TODAY A BRAND NEW PURE GREEN COLLABORATION WITH PAULINE BOLDT, a wonderful photographer and lovely, lovely person from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Pauline and I have yet to meet, but over a flurry of emails we have been dreaming up projects and ideas, and we're planning to meet in the near future to try and make some of those dreams a reality. Finding and meeting passionate people excited about the same things you are is one of life's purest simple pleasures. To begin, we're launching a new column with Pauline here on the PGM blog called Dispatches, where we'll share images from Pauline's adventures and travels near and far. 

Sage Gardens is located in Pauline's home town of Winnipeg—a nursery with a unique focus on edible plants and herbs. They offer mainly organic plants and use exclusively organic soil, fertilizer and non-toxic pest management. The variety of herbs have me itching to try my hand at propagating and growing a greater variety of herbs with the goal of making my own salves, tinctures and tisanes. Allow yourself to wander through the plants with Pauline at Sage Gardens for a few minutes and just enjoy the break.