Crackers & Mixed Media

TEXT by Celine MacKay | PHOTOGRAPHS by A peek at the new print issue inside one of our stockists, Mixed Media, Hamilton.


I couldn't help but share with you these shots of the magazine from one of Pure Green Mag's regular contributors, Jesse & Melanie Senko. This issue the duo prepared a beautiful peice on pressing homemade apple cider - no small task, but as you'll learn from the pages of our new print issue, Jesse and Melanie's experimenting was worth the effort. Coupled with beautiful photography it will have you scouring the net for a press to try this out yourself. If you're as of yet unfamiliar with Jesse & Melanie, each issue they pen a column we like to call Homesteading. In a way it hearkens from the past, back to a time when producing and preserving food yourself was simply a way of life. Today their efforts are part 'Slow Food', part self-sufficient and partly a committment to health and sustainability. As editor I'm so glad to have them as part of Pure Green. They're column is sure to be eargerly looked forward to by readers each issue. You can read the entire feature on cider in print and you can get to know them a little better over here:



Before you go, I wanted to say thanks to Mixed Media in Hamilton, Ontario, one of our stockists. It turns out Dave, the illustrious owner, is also a friend of Jesse's. These shots of the magazine were taken by Jesse inside the store. Mixed Media is a unique little shop that offers a beauty mix of print media, stationary, art supplies, gifts and so much more. Among their offerings are some of my faves (among many other treasures):

Yellow Owl Workshop

Rifle Paper Co.

Clementine Art

Red Canoe

Regional Assembly of Text

Uppercase Magazine



photos: Jesse Senko & Mixed Media